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Have you ever tried UB Super?

UB Super Vegan Protein Superfood Nutritional Shake

As a Brazilian vegetarian dietitian I’m constantly looking for new recipes to vary my diet as long as I get all nutrients needed for good health. My clients also give me great ideas, specially when they travel and come back from abroad. Now it’s my turn. I moved to the US in early January to complete my PhD. In Boston I’m facing for the first a big winter and I really miss all those different Brazilian fresh fruit. On the other hand I’m now able to get in touch with some supplements I didn’t now. I have just tried UB Super and I really have to agree: it’s super! I’ve tried it with water, soy milk and almond milk and the taste is always great. I also really like it when it’s mixed with a banana. I didn’t have the opportunity to make recipes with it but I’m looking forward to it. Regarding the nutritional aspects: even the vegan product has a complete amino acid profile due to the combination of yellow pea, organic chia and hemp seeds and organic quinoa (I love it). Along with those super protein sources, the product also brings powerful Brazilian fruit as açaí, acerola cherries, camu camu, cacao and cupuaçu which are rich in minerals, vitamins and many antioxidants. I haven’t found another protein like that as it also combines pre and probiotics to boost our immune system, reduce body inflammation and improve absorption of minerals. This product really made my life easier as it gave me an easy and health solution for my always in a hurry breakfast or as a pre yoga meal. I totally recommend UB Super.


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