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The Good Loop Promise: Doing What’s Right for Your Body, Indigenous People & The Planet

UB_SUPER_good_loop_logo_ALT2In this age of corporate buzzwords, almost every organization talks about their ‘brand identity’, ‘corporate culture’ and ‘story.’ Often these are just empty terms, but what if they meant more, and a company actually practiced what it preached?

That’s exactly why we founded UB Real on the principle of The Good Loop Promise. Everything we do is based on providing products that are better for people and better for the planet. So when you’re drinking a UB Super protein superfood nutritional shake (available in vanilla or chocolate), you’ll know that what you’re putting into your body will not only promote weight loss, increase energy levels, create superior immune system support and fuel workout performance, but is also made from all-natural, whole food and earth based ingredients that weren’t synthesized in a lab. You won’t find our blend of superfoods – such as maqui berry, camu camu and mangosteen – combined in any other product. Each has different body benefits – from reducing inflammation, to boosting your immune and cardiovascular systems, to aiding workout recovery and rehydration. We promise that UB Super won’t just be your quickest meal of the day, but also your most nutritious.

And it’s not just those who buy our products who we’re taking care of. We work directly with local suppliers of superfoods, fruits and vegetables amongst indigenous peoples across the globe. This ensures that we’re not only gathering the best quality cacao from Peru, Salba chia from Argentina, açai berries from the Amazon Basin and other pure ingredients, but are also enabling the people who supply them to grow their business, even as we expand ours. And as they’re small scale producers using sustainable farming practices, we’re helping reduce pollution, deforestation and other negative environmental effects. We also spend more to make our packages recyclable so that they’re not clogging up yet another landfill site.

Sure, it costs more to do business like this, but we wouldn’t have it any other way and hope you wouldn’t, either. For us, “Keeping it Real” actually means something. – Phil White

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The Good Loop Promise is our commitment to a continuous cycle of accomplishing real good in partnership with you. We promise to deliver convenient, holistic nutrition—sourcing only real ingredients which are truly effective together—to fuel and sustain your active lifestyle. We promise to deliver quality nutrition to you in a sustainable way that supports our suppliers and protects the environment. We promise to deliver good products to you, so you can do good things in your life, your community, and your world.