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Powered by UB Super, Travis Grant Wins Scott Hawaii Gold Challenge

Travis Grant UB Super Ambassador

Powered by UB Super, Travis Grant Wins Allstate Oahu Championships, Maui Jim Waterman Series & Scott Hawaii Gold Challenge

When it comes to surfing and paddle sports, the term “waterman” gets thrown around a lot. To us, a true waterman (or woman) is someone who is comfortable in any conditions and is competent across disciplines. If you were going to design a waterman in a lab, he’d look a lot like UB Super ambassador Travis Grant.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve shared Travis’s many accomplishments in SUP with you, such as his wins and podium finishes in the Molokai to Oahu world championships, Battle of the Paddle and Kumano SUP Marathon. Recently, the versatile Aussie has shown that he can do far more on the water, and is a true champion no matter what the craft he’s on or in.

Since moving to Oahu, Travis has re-discovered his passion for OC-1 paddling. “In Australia it’s all surfing or SUP, all the time, but on Oahu there are a lot more guys to train with in the winter who are into outrigger,” he said. “As much as I love standup, you remove stability issues when you’re in an OC-1 so you can pull harder.”

And the results show that he’s certainly pulling more than hard enough to dominate. Last weekend Travis beat all comers at the Daniel Dennis – Allstate Insurance Agency Oahu Championship, organized by the premier paddling organization in Hawaii, Kanaka Ikaika Racing Association. This victory secured him first place overall in the Scott Hawaii Gold Challenge, which totals paddlers’ scores from Maui’s four elite OC-1 races.

It’s not just OC-1 that Travis is excelling at. He also won the men’s open division in the Maui Jim Waterman Series, which sees athletes to go head-to-head in prone paddling, SUP, surfski and OC-1 in events several weeks apart. No matter what Travis is doing on the water, he has a go to nutrition option in his gear bag: UB Super protein superfood nutritional shake.

“UB Super is a no brainer for me as a pre and post race meal replacement when I’m training, racing and traveling,” Travis says. “I know I’m getting all the protein, vitamins and minerals I need, and all I have to do is throw the powder in my shaker bottle.”

Later this month, Travis will turn his attention back to SUP as he competes in the prestigious Carolina Cup and co-hosts a Quickblade paddling clinic with 10-time M20 winning legend and fellow Australian Jamie Mitchell at Blockade Runner Beach Resort on Wednesday, April 23. You can click here to learn more about this and all the Carolina Cup’s other clinics. And don’t forget to stop by our tent to see how UB Super can help you improve hydration, fuel performance and recover from even the toughest workouts. Can’t wait? Then get your UB Super fix now!



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