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UB Super Ambassador Connor Baxter Wins Male Paddler of the Year and Best Performance at 2014 SUP Awards

Connor - Stand Up World Series Champion 2014It has been a landmark season for Maui-based SUP sensation Connor Baxter. He dominated the sport’s top downwind races, braving 15-knot winds to win his second straight title at the 6th Annual Molokai Ho’olaule’a and then breaking his own course record at the 2014 Molokai 2 Oahu World Paddleboard Championships (M20), with 2013 winner and fellow UB Super Ambassador Travis Grant finishing second. Baxter and Grant then went 1-2 again atop the leaderboard at the Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge, proving that Baxter can conquer river racing as well as open ocean contests. Then Baxter went one better, winning the elite race at the Huntington Beach Pro to claim his first Standup Series World Championship title.

In recognition of these achievements, readers of SUP The Magazine, the sport’s leading publication, named Baxter Male Paddler of the Year and recognized his M20 win as Performance of the Year. From the Channel of Bones to the Hood River to Huntington Beach and beyond, Baxter has relied on UB Super protein superfood nutritional shakes for pre-race and post-race fuel, as well as to power him through grueling training workouts.

“Last year I felt like my immune system was compromised by all the racing, training and travel,” Baxter said. “This season UB Super has helped me perform at my best and stay healthy.”

Only UB Super provides athletes like Baxter, Grant and winner of the 2014 SeaWheeze™lululemon Half Marathon Tom Clifford with the unique combination of organic vitamins, fulvic minerals, prebiotics and probiotics, and 15 to 16 grams of high quality protein from complete vegan-friendly plant protein. Whether you’re a pro athlete who crisscrosses the globe or a weekend warrior running a 5K, UB Super can help keep you hydrated, promote muscle repair and recovery along with boosting your immune system.

“When I’m training and racing I often don’t have time to eat a full meal,” Baxter said. “So it’s good that I can grab a UB Super shake and know it’s giving me everything I need to train hard and compete with the best paddlers in the world. Plus it’s all natural so I’m only putting clean ingredients into my body.”


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