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Way Better Whey: Refueling with Non-GMO, Grass-fed Complete Protein

Whey Protein Complete

When it comes to recovering from exercise, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different supplements out there, most of them making outrageous and often unsubstantiated claims. But there’s one that truly walks the walk and is backed by decades of research: whey protein.

Like its cousin, casein, whey is a protein derivative of milk. But unlike slow-burning casein, which is ideal pre-bed or breakfast fuel, whey is very quickly absorbed and broken down into the essential amino acids your body needs to repair the damage caused by activity. When we exercise, micro-tears occur in our muscle fibers. If we’re not taking in the right amount of the right type of complete protein shortly after lifting weights, running and doing any other kind of sporting endeavor, these micro-tears do not repair properly. This can leave us unprepared for our next session and increase injury risk. Why put in the work if you’re not going to get the fuel you need to make the most of it?

Research studies conducted on professional and recreational athletes alike have shown that there is a 20 minute window after exercise in which our body is crying out for the building blocks of recovery. Putting high quality whey into our system as soon after we stop moving as possible increases our potential to repair muscle fibers. According to one study, getting our whey fix before that window slams shut boosts protein synthesis by as much as 50 percent. Whey also prompts the body to release more of the insulin that’s crucial to protein uptake.

The benefits of whey don’t end with repair and recovery. The body needs a ready supply of amino acids to fight off infection, and so adding a whey protein shake or two each day can actually boost immune system response, reducing the chance of getting sick and the duration of illness. And whey’s disease-fighting powers don’t end there, as it supports the production of the antioxidant glutathione, which supports healthy immune system function.

New studies also find that a whey protein pre-load can help people who are diabetic and pre-diabetic by slowing gastric emptying and improving post-prandial glycemia. According to certain studies, whey may even inhibit the growth of prostate and colon cancer.

At UB Super, we could’ve reduced our ingredient cost by doing what many companies do and using cheap whey protein. But that’s not how we roll. As with the 10 superfoods, fulvic minerals and organic vitamins we put into UB Super protein superfood nutritional shakes, we use the best whey available. It’s sourced from grass-fed cows that graze in pastures that contain no genetically modified crops. This approach is in keeping with our Good Loop Promise, which shows our commitment to making products that are better for people and better for our planet.

So you can be sure that each time you make a UB Super protein superfood nutritional shake, you’re giving your body the best shot at building muscle and coming back stronger the next time you hit the road, the gym, the yoga studio or whatever your playground might be.

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