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Lina Augaitis Fuels With UB Super


World SUP Champion Lina Augaitis Fuels Elite Performances with UB Super

In the recent SUP the Mag profile of 2014 Standup World Series champion Lina Augaitis, she let a key nutritional secret slip: she drinks a daily UB Super shake to help support recovery and hydration.

To say that Lina is a phenomenal athlete is a massive understatement. Long before she got a SUP board, she was an elite junior gymnast. Fast forward to college and she juggled an education degree with competing on the rugby, wrestling and rowing teams – oh, and Ultimate Frisbee for good measure.
After college, Lina decided she wanted to challenge her endurance and so began taking on long distance events in almost every discipline imaginable – from running marathons and ultra-marathons, to adventure races, to mountain biking races to triathlons (she placed third at the world triathlon championships).

Then, four years ago, Lina fell in love with a new sport: standup paddleboarding. Most people start slowly but then, as you can see from her sporting resume, Lina isn’t most people. Performance experts often say that the best athletes are those who can master new activities the fastest, and Lina is living proof. Her first SUP expedition saw her claim a historic first – becoming the first person to paddle 750 kilometers (about 466 miles) down the Yukon River.

Now that she’d got a taste for endurance paddling, Lina looked for a new way to satisfy her competitive desire. She found just that in SUP racing, and in the past four years she has blazed a trail across the world’s fastest growing water sport. A national title. The Battle of the Paddle. The Standup World Series. The ISA World Championships. None of these premier events or the world class fields that lined up alongside her could stop Lina from dominating.

To power her feats on the water, Lina still runs and cycles a lot, and hits her local CrossFit box several times a week. Such a regimen, not to mention the demands of teaching outdoor education to a classroom full of junior high kids and the rigors of competition, would break a lesser woman. To ensure she can maintain her health while topping the world rankings, Lina makes sure she eats right. While she tries to get most nutrients from whole foods with no artificial ingredients, Lina’s fast paced lifestyle means that she often doesn’t have time to prepare a full meal. So she goes right to UB Super.

“UB Super gives me every nutrient I need – it’s a one stop shop for me,” Lina said. “It would also be really expensive to buy all the super foods that are in the product. Instead of going out to grab 10 different things, I just throw a packet of UB Super in liquid, shake it up and get back to my day.”

For the rest of 2015, Lina and her husband Andrew will be taking aim at their most meaningful challenge yet: the birth of their first child. Lina will again look to UB Super to provide non-GMO protein, organic vitamins and fulvic minerals and more as she not only chases more world titles, but also tries to keep up with a child. While Lina and Andrew prepare to add to their family, we’re proud to add Lina to ours.

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